Product ID: SZ005

Necklace length: 45cm

Bracelet circumference: 17cm


This necklace and bracelet are made from lemon chrysoprase, lepidolite, amazonite, aquamarine and rainbow moonstone. The lepidolite flowers measure 20mm, the aquamarine in the middle is 16mm. All metal parts are sterling silver. If you want a pair of matching earrings, check out this or this


If you need balance and want to attract hope, these are the stones that can assist you. The ones with the right properties have been carefully selected and the necklace and bracelet have been designed with this purpose in mind. As all our jewellery, this collection is one of a kind and a unique design, and it will not be reproduced ever again.


When you purchase the product, you will receive a detailed description of the stones and their properties in the accompanying letter. And all our jewellery come in a gift box like this.

Balance and Hope


    It is said that it is not you who chooses the stone, but the stone chooses you. That is, that very stone appeals to you, whose resonance you need at the very moment. Let yourself  be led by your intuition – there are no wrong choices …

    You will receive a detailed description of the stones' properties with the jewellery. In the meanwhile for additional information please visit the Crystals and Stones section.


    For more details and how to handle the stones, check out our More than just Jewellery - Care Instructions page.