Crystals have very delicate energy fields that fill all living creatures up – us humans, too – with various energies. They protect and regulate our inner energy flow, enhance our capabilities, strengthen our connection with the outer world. They pacify, trust and harmonize us and thus they also heal us.


Have you ever spent a thought on how many people have touched the stone since it had been mined out, shaped, transported and sold until it finally arrived to your hands? These people all have different energies and the stones are exposed to all these energies during their journey. The crystals get ‘tainted’ and their original vibration frequency change. That is why it is important to free them from these energies and clean them. Even if the stones are in your posession for a while, it is important to clean them from time to time, as they collect the energies from their environment (e.g. they get touched by others) or even we can deliver energies that they have to be freed from (e.g. after an illness we have gone through).



Step 1 - To empty the stones, and free them from negative energies


The best way to empty the stones and neutralize the energies in them is to use clean water. Flowing water neutralizes static electricity, so you take the stone into your hand and put it under cold or lukewarm tap water until you ‘feel’ that it had been cleaned. This feeling is different for all of us but everybody agrees that it is a very pleasant feeling.


OR Purifying the stones with incense


Native Americans and shamans are using the cleaning power of fire and smoke for ages. One of the best incenses for us to use is sandalwood. Light the stick and put the stone next to it, then blow the smoke onto the stone  until you feel that it is clean. Always rely on your gut feeling!


Step 2 - Energizing the stones with the power of nature


The best method to energize the stones is perhaps the use of  the soft moonlight – put them onto the windowsill at full moon. At full moon all energies are stronger and get integrated easier and more intensely. This is true not only for the stones but us humans and all living beings.





Your jewellery is handmade of materials that may be fragile. Take care of your jewellery so that it lasts as long as possible. 


We use carefully selected materials; semi-precious stones and sterling silver 925. Please note that natural stones can be slightly uneven and colour changes may occur. Remember that metal discolours when it comes in contact with moisture, water, perfumes, creams and sweat. This is natural, the metal darkens and gets patina which makes the piece unique. Even the sun and high humidity can change the metal's color. Never shower or bathe with your jewellery, it wears even on the wire. Keep your jewellery dark and cool in a jewellery bag/box.


Sterling silver may become yellow or darker with time, but it can be polished. Coloured stones can also lose their color if they come in contact with moisture and water.


Elastic bracelets can be stretched over time.