I have always fancied sparkling jewellery. But I had discovered a newfound passion for a wider range of gems apart from diamonds, emeralds and ruby as such. Let’s be honest, what woman doesn't like shiny jewels? I was more or less familiar with the names of the gemstones you encounter at the jewellers’ most often.

The story is as follows. I was meandering down a lovely downtown street abroad and got struck by a display in a shop window. It was full of beautifully shaped and coloured stones that were totally unknown to me. I ended up wandering around the shop for over an hour ...


I  was spelled and literally felt to be called by the crystals. It was love at first sight …

After this experience I started to look out for shops and sources like this and books on crystals and their properties.


The first couple of bracelets I made were trying different stones in my hand and using the ones that felt the best to hold.

After a while I noticed that my emotional state in the morning largely influenced which bracelet I put on that day. There are some that I wear weeks long, then put back into the drawer from one day to the other. I no longer need the energy of that very stone.

The first custom made bracelets that were meant to help resolve problems, have been made for friends and family members.


Then the friends of friends contacted me too, because they liked the designs and saw that the stones worked.

When I was brainstorming the name for the brand, I knew I had to find one that expressed the endless combinations and range, the magic effect on the living, as well as the bond to Earth at the same time.


In ancient Greek mythology, Gaia is the representative of Earth, the Mother of all.

All gods are her children. She seemed to be just the right choice.


That is how the Gaia’s Garden brand was born … I wish that wearing this jewellery gives you as much pleasure as I have had designing and creating them.