The impact of crystals and stones on our emotional, spiritual and physical state was clear for the ancient peoples. It was common practice as they were still in unity with the environment. The application of such minerals in Western civilization has been absent for a while. However, only now are natural healing practices making their comeback.


Depending on your beliefs and approach to life, you may or may not believe in alternative practices. However, the effect of crystals on the human body is scientifically proven. Depending on their elemental and physical structure, crystals oscillate on different wavelengths, therefore they resonate with different parts of the physical form. These resonances can have a positive or negative impact on organs and organ systems as well as your short and long term mental and spiritual prosperity.

It is said that it is not you who chooses the stone, but the stone chooses you. That is, the gemstone appeals to you when you require its resonances at the given time. Let yourself be led by your intuition - there are no wrong choices ...


But if you are satisfied with just admiring or showing off the lustrous crafts of nature - then so be it!

Krisztina Matkó - Horváth

Owner of Gaia's Garden Jewellery

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